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Thumbnails of Images in Volume 12-Chapter 1

Burbank Day at Santa Rosa Another View of Sebastopol Mr Burbanks Mother Luther Burbanks Birthplace Where Luther Burbank Was Schooled Luther Burbank at the Age of Nine Luther Burbank at the Age of Fourteen Luther Burbank at the Age of Seventeen Luther Burbank at the Age of Twenty-five The Purchaser of the Burbank Potato A Simple but Important Equipment A Crude but Effective Implement An Assortment of Sieves A Collection of Sieves Soil-Stirring Implements Marking Rows for Planting Setting Out Small Seedlings Washing Seeds Covering Seeds with Sand Seeds in the Greenhouse Rare Seeds in Common Receptacles Seeds Drying In the Open Gathering Apples at Sebastopol Luther Burbanks First Advertisement

These images are from: Luther Burbank: his methods and discoveries and their practical application. Volume 12 Chapter 1