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Thumbnails of Images in Volume 3-Chapter 4

Selected Ears of Corn Drying Selected Corn Seed Germinating Seeds in Damp Cloth Seeds Germinated in Damp Cloth Pumpkin Seeds Germinated in Wet Newspaper The Burbank Flats Flat With Layer of Gravel Flat Partly Filled With Dirt Flat After Seeds Are Sown Flats With Sprouting Seedlings Seedlings in the Greenhouse Protecting Seedlings from the Birds Mr Burbanks Only Cold Frame Mr Burbanks Cloth Screens Setting Out Plants From the Flat Making a Trench for Cuttings Settings Out Cuttings in the Trench Tamping the Dirt Around the Cuttings Seedling Trees Awaiting Transplantation Protecting Test Corn From the Breezes

These images are from: Luther Burbank: his methods and discoveries and their practical application. Volume 3 Chapter 4