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Thumbnails of Images in Volume 3-Chapter 5

Complete Grafting Outfit Cutting Stock for Whip Graft Cutting Cion for Whip Graft Whip Graft in Place Whip Graft Waxed Whip Graft Bandaged Grafted Wood Cutting Stock for Cleft Graft Cleft Graft Waxed and Unwaxed Side Graft in Position Side Graft on a Root The Root Graft Completed Crown or Bark Graft Bridge Graft Cutting Stock for Top Graft Top Grafts in Place Cutting a Bud Cutting the Bark to Receive a Bud The Bud Graft Completed Bud After a Years Growth Bud With Stock Cut Away Quince Cion Ready for Grafting Cions Showing One Two and Three Buds

These images are from: Luther Burbank: his methods and discoveries and their practical application. Volume 3 Chapter 5