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Thumbnails of Images in Volume 6-Chapter 7

Cactus Fruit on the Slab A Mammoth Cactus Fruit Specimen A Luscious and Succulent Cactus Fruit Cactus Fruits Are Easy to Eat Cactus Fruit Shown in Cross Section The Symmetrical Type of Cactus Fruit A Pear-Shaped Cactus Fruit A Sturdy Variety of Opuntias A Nearly Globular Cactus Pear A Well-Proportioned Cactus Pear-Fruit A Cluster of Cactus Pears Another Cactus Fruit that Imitates the Pear Cactus Fruit Approaching Spinelessness Cactus Fruit Approaching Seedlessness

These images are from: Luther Burbank: his methods and discoveries and their practical application. Volume 6 Chapter 7