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Thumbnails of Images in Volume 8-Chapter 6

The So-Called Candle Cactus The Quisco Cactus Vestigial Cactus Leaves Giant and Dwarf Cactus Seedlings Cactus Seedlings Ready For Inspection Spineless and Spiny of the Same Fraternity Mr Burbank Selecting Cactus Seedlings How Cactus Plants Are Propagated Cactus Plants in the Nursery Spineless Cactus Slabs Ready for Shipment Spineless Cactus Showing Two Months Growth A Thrifty Yearling Cactus A Yearling Cactus of a Different Type Another Well-Balanced Cactus A Promising Cactus Colony

These images are from: Luther Burbank: his methods and discoveries and their practical application. Volume 8 Chapter 6